Sabado, Nobyembre 26, 2011

Hacking the Snoopy's Street Fair

Snoopy's Street Fair is one of Beeline's games that interest me. As mobile gaming starting to acquire more casual gamers and so is the possible profit that developers can make.

Beeline, the maker's of Smurf's Village and Zombie Cafe, is one of the successful companies that profit from games that are free. One may ask how can they make money from games that are free? The answer is In-App Purchase. You buy things and upgrades using real money. Yes, real bucks. And this is what pains me.

I will help you to add Snoopy dollars and coins. It takes me almost 15 minutes of trial and error to hack it. And you don't need to jailbreak you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Things you need:
iPhone file browser (I used Diskaid, download here,
Hex Editor (I used Hex Editor Neo, download here,
Decimal to Binary convertor (

1. Attached your device to your PC and open Diskaid.
2. Go to Apps>Snoopy's Fair>Library>Preference. There you will find the file com.capcom.snoopy.plist, right click it and copy to PC. Put it in your desktop.
3. Open Hex Editor and drag the plist file (com.capcom.snoopy.plist) from your Desktop into it.
4. Find your coins, as for  me my coins is 644, 805 which corresponds to 9d 6c5 in Hex, as highlighted in the picture below. Once you find it the Snoopy bucks/dollars is just before it. Mine was 12, which is c. Use the Decimal to Hex convertor so that you can easily locate your coins in the plist file. I change my Snoopy dollars which is 12 to 5000, in Hex it is c to 1388.
5. Save it. Then copy the edited plist file back to your device and replace the original file. That's it.

Here's my Snoopy's Street Fair. I used some of my dollars already.

I hope it helps you. If your have any questions feel free to comment.

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  1. Help... I can't find my file in the DiskAid... :( is there other way? thxs.

  2. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  3. Hello, thanks for the nice post on snoopy's fair. It also pains me that this game has in-app purchases. However I am on a MacBook and the file com.capcom.snoopy.plist is not in the folder. there is lots of other files in there with names similar like com.*****.plist but not that one. Any ideas?

  4. i cant find my number and im using the same program you are...any suggestions...using the "find" doesnt help at all

    Mga Tugon
    1. Me either!!! I couldn't find my number in hex either! the "find" function doesn't help at all! Help!!!

  5. what's with the trail and error?

  6. I'm not able to find coins and bucks.
    Could you please give us more info about locating them?
    Super thanks

  7. Rodnie, is the saved data file the same as com.capcom.snoopy.plist?

  8. what is the use of Hex editor?
    must we install it?

  9. I try to open the DiskAid but in my app root i can't find the snoopy fair why?

  10. You have to go into settings (the top right corner) and check all the boxes to see the files in diskaid.

    the file has changed it was 'com.capcom.snoopy.plist'
    is now 'player_data.dat'

    its in the documents file i think.

    from here make sure that your snoopy app is off. double click the square button and hold the snoopy app. then click the minus, it will stop your coins going up so you can find the correct hex.

    This did work for me on my ipad 2. although it did take me the best part of an afternoon.

  11. Hi, does it works on 1.6.0 version? i can't find them in player_data.dat file.....

  12. i can't find mi coins!!! HELP!! And i couldn't find my fair in diskaid !!!

  13. Hello I'm in level 20 I need a lot of snoopy bucks to buy the gang and woodstocks but I'm afraid to jailbroke my iPad because it's from my school and they said not to jailbroke it but I need the money here is my referral code

  14. hey everyone, for those of you who cant find the snoopy app in the app list, you need to go up the top left of the screen where it says "disk aid" then go to "preferences" and then "advanced" and tick the box that says "display all apps even if they don't have 'file sharing' enabled"
    although right now i still don't know how to get the "library" folder up, but i will keep you posted :)

  15. cannot locate the coins and bucks in HEX. help please

  16. Hi Rodnie.

    Nice post. But could you tell us more on how to locate the coins n dollars in the Hex Editor?

    I also don't understand the part where u said "Snoopy bucks/dollars is just before it". I don't see anything familiar in your screen shot.

    (By the way, when I open up my game app, the amount of coins is always changing automatically so instead I tried to locate my dollars in hex. Will this method work?).

    For those using mac, try these instead (I'm using mac and these 2 work easily for me):
    a) instead of DiskAid, use iFunBox for Mac -
    b) instead of Hex Editor Neo, use Hex Edit -

    Many thanks.

  17. Well i find everything i change it like 10 times but when I go to the game it says corrupted file U need to star from previous save so if I do that it goes back to no bucks no money (I mean mi old 3 bucks and 20000 money) does everyone know how to prevent this from happening??


  19. hi i did everything but still cannot find the pattern..

  20. R u just making people jealous that you did it and act like you try to share how but dont say exactly how